Friday, March 17, 2006

Brought to you by Red and Blue

Well, well, it certainly has been a busy week here! And it seems I've joined Project Spectrum without really even knowing it. Observe:
Finished socks! Knitpicks brand merino. So soft! +500 for an FO!
Another view, of the toes. So pointy and cute! The socks fit well, but need a blocking to be sure. They're a bit short, but I've got another skein and most of the rest of the 2nd to use up!
That would be a clapotis, of incendita alpaca. Mmm, alpaca. +100 points for stashbusting an original stash-enhancer.
A new scarf! And lace, to boot. Fibertrends scarf pattern, Knitpicks lace yarn, picked up at the same time the merino sock yarn was. Let's hope this turns out into a scarf and not into a giant knot, which is what it looks like now. +100 points again for stashbusting.
Such tiny stitches!
New sock yarn! -100 points for stash enhancement. But +50 for buying with an expressed pattern in mind. Lanna Grossa knows I need some elastic in my yarn. This yarn is destined to be knitty's broadripple socks. The pattern even includes a 2-circ rewrite! Oh, knitty, you didn't have to...
Hey! That's not a Guinness! But the school on the glass's colors are green and yellow, so it's sort of St. Patrick-ey.


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