Saturday, April 01, 2006

Flash Your Stash!

Here are the two holders of the beloved stash:

This is the original stash holder. It holds yarns that I love but have not (or may ever) use. The fancy alpacas, Louisa Harding Impression yarn, lace yarns, etc. This is where the good stuff lives. It is next to the table where my laptop is. Close to my heart :)
This is the big basket where everything else is kept. It's almost full! I gleaned this from my sister for free when she moved. Score! It's huge and it holds a heck of a lot of stuff. In fact, it holds most of what is pictured below:

Here is the stash, as I know it. Size 6 UGG slipper for scale. Eeep! And that's not all of it; there were some balls and UFOs that didn't make it in, due to lack of interest of un-knotting it all. From the bottom clockwise, there are sock yarns, lace yarns, worsted yarns, merino yarns and then the whole right side down is alpaca yarns. Alpaca is my love :) Since the bf doesn't read my blogs, I'm safe in keeping up my fiber acquisitions. Hooray!

An impressive side effect of the flashing of the stash: re-organizing the stash! Everything was put away in bags by type: alpaca, ribbon and lace, colored worsted, sock yarns, and a bag of yarns I'll never use because I don't like them. I feel very accomplished. Which is good, because this vacation is killing me! I haven't had this much free time in a year, and I don't know what to do with it! It's almost stressful. I don't want to waste my free time, but at the same time, isn't that what I'm supposed to be doing? Wasting time I'd be spending not sleeping, stressing, working harder than normal people? Maybe it's the fact I'm getting enough sleep and drinking more water, but darn it, I need something to do here!


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