Saturday, April 15, 2006

Holy non-blogging Batman! It's been a while. So what have I been up to? Absolutely nothing! Well, that's not exactly true. Here's the last two weeks in a nutshell:

I finished dyeing up my yarn. Here it is, all pretty and balled up. I like the pink one best, but the yellow looks really neat as well, especially knit up. Like a lemon- lime soda.

Then I started knitting more socks. They're addictive! Try it sometime, you'll love it. So far, this makes pair #4 for vacation. WOW! This sock is nearly done, and has a mate that is mostly done too! I loved knitting it so much, I nearly stole it in a fit of sock envy. But I think it will end up going to its intentioned owner after all.

Want to see more stockinette? Sure you do! It's Knitpicks merino sock yarn. Yummm.

Now everyone knows sock yarn can be addicting. And according to the Yarn Harlot's new book, it's not considered "stash". So, this can't really be included in "stash enhancement" for the most part. Yeah, the dye-your-own lace wool is totally stash, dyeing and hobby enhancement. Someone stop me!

Then I found a new KAL of sorts. I marked my interest, hopefully I'll get in with the application process. It's a dyeing secret pal project. Starting with.... sock yarn! Which means I'll need to buy.... dyeable sock yarn! I'm SO excited!

Now I'll leave you with some images from my house, all in a nice April project spectrum colorway. I had a hard time coming up with orange and yellow, since I don't really like those colors (and they don't look all that good on me). But I did find a few things!

(from top: sci-fi books of casey's, my IKEA shower curtain, IKEA pillowcase, blankie with animal, french poster, Peanuts figurine, french poster, Calvin and Hobbs box set, picture frame, IKEA tool set, my own dyed yarn, Yarn Harlot book, dyed yarn again)


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