Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter everyone!!

I've got a lot of photos to show. So lets get started, shall we? First off, I finished the socks. And they're going to be given away today, rather than taken for my own selfish feet. Aww. The Easter spirit lives! Want to see the sock? Sure you do. Here it is on my foot:

Note that my foot is most likely smaller than the recipients', so it looks a little loose on me. No problem.

Here's the heel. I figured out how to avoid the nasty sock heel hole problem. I wasn't wrapping my stitches correctly. D'oh! Thank you internets for solving my problem. Whoopee!

A very project spectrum cupcake. Yay for yellow colors! Yum.

This little guy was next to my easter basket this morning. What is he? He's an i-dog! That means he interacts with my i-pod (and other outside noises, or stereos), and behaves accordingly. Right now he's off, but he's fun when he's on. He likes Bon Jovi, but hates Metallica. Very odd thing this little guy. But I'll love him all the same.

This was my easter basket. Puppy!! He's very soft. I love plushie easter baskets. And he's filled with my favorite candies (the brown bags on the end are Haribo Bears, a gummy bear from Germany). Those Germans know their gummies! Delicious!

This was Casey's easter basket. Note the colorful eggs (filled with different candies) and fun random candies sprinkled about. I do love shopping in colorful candy aisles! There was also a Benny Hill DVD and an itunes card that were immediately siezed upon giving :)

When it's April in Oregon, that means one thing: the weather can't make up its mind every ten minutes. Here we have a little hail storm. It started to look like it snowed out! Previously this morning it was sunny and party cloudy with blue sky. (Hence the light for pictures). Very odd thing this weather!


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