Friday, February 09, 2007

Socks are a'comin!

The socks as they stand at 8 am in the dark...

Here's the latest on the socks! So far, I'm really, really enjoying them. I love the bright happy colors. It's just what I needed in my knitting! I had a little mess up when I turned the heel, I didn't decrease down enough stitches in one sock, so I had to frog back and re-knit about two inches on my lunch break. But on size 5 needles, who cares? That's like fifteen minutes of work! Now the real challenge begins... how tall will the sock be? The yarn's running out quickly, the balls are less than half their original size, and the cuffs are 2x1 ribbing all the way up (so I don't have to worry about a top, I can just cast off!).... it should be an exciting finish!


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