Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Crafty Day!

Boy, what a crafty, crafty day I have had! Lots of new things to show, which I am just so excited to present. Beware, it's about 8:45 pm here, so the lighting is awful, even with every light on in the house. You've been warned.

First up, it's the knitting. The Fiery Bolero has been frogged and re-knit. I'm not as far along as before, but I am getting there. And it was totally worth it. The hems are just gorgeous! The cable cast-on is my new favorite cast on! Just look at the seemingly seamless seam! (Say that five times fast!)

Look at those stitches! So perfect.

Current size and state of the bolero.

Next, it's handspun! I'm practicing for the Twisted Sisters Knit and Dye Along. My yarn is getting so much better! Believe it or not, it is thinner. Sort of. I haven't got the whole idea down yet. How do people spin laceweight? There has to be like five fibers on the draft, total, I swear. I forgot to measure how much this is, but it isn't a lot. Probably less than 50 yards. It's bulky, the most I can compare it to is Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk. Only like above that. I took it and dunked it in a pot full of koolaid. Red is a bitch to photograph, so beware the super-bright skein! In real life, it's about the color of a strawberry jolly rancher:

Oh handspun, how I love you!

Finally, there's a new type of FO. I purchased these plain wood forms at Michael's for $2 a piece. Then I painted them up like the models in the store (yeah, okay, so not that creative- just crafty!). They aren't done yet (there's glitter involved on the santas, and there's no paint on the tree ornaments or stars). But look how cute they are turning out!

It's that time of year again! Ho Ho Ho!

There was a Snowman model, but they didn't have any in stock. I guess there's a lot of crafters out there who like this type of thing, too! In addition to the trees and men, I also bought a little birdhouse to paint. I've never painted one before, but always kinda wanted to when I saw them in the store. I think I had better be careful, this wood painting can get addictive! Here's the current state of the birdhouse:

Ignore the poorly painted fence, it will be fixed.

And this is what the birdhouse is destined to be when it's all cleaned up and done:

Everyone knows birds prefer barns for birdhouses.

The wood figures are already painted, so don't think I'm that good with acrylic. After it's all done, I'll shoot it with a clear coat of weatherproofing spray to make it Oregon rainproof. All the wood figures are destined to become Christmas presents, including the birdhouse. I can't wait to gift them, but December is so far away. Maybe I'll paint some of the Halloween ones to tide me over in the meantime...


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I was wondering what the Twisted Sisters Knit and Dye Along is? Do you have a link? I just love the Twisted Sisters!

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