Friday, October 20, 2006

O is for Oh, It's been a while

Hello again!

Back at the craftiness. The camera battery is pretty low, seeing as all the photos it's been taking lately! I'm in a real crafty zone this month, I'm not sure if some planet is in retrograde or has entered the house of whatever, but DAMN, I've been spending as much time at Michaels as I have at the LYS!

Of course, first up is the knitting. Socktoberfest continues! We've got another pair fresh off the needles. I love these socks! They look huge (and kind of are), but I wanted a big, sorta slouchy, plain ol' striped sock. Ask and ye shall recieve.

Yarn: Patons self-striping (ha!) sock yarn
Pattern: my own, toe-up on 2 circs, stockinette with a 2x2 rib at the top
Needle: US 3 Clover bamboos

I love big sock needles. And US 3's are HUGE. Bamboos are among my most favorite to use- they are warm, durable, grippy but won't slice up your yarn. These socks flew by, I was able to churn out the pair in a week! Score!

Next up, there is an FO of a different kind. My Funky Scarf Swap Pal has come through! I got a great scarf- blue and white with little brown bows. It's long enough to wrap around my neck, but thin enough it won't strangle me or overwhelm me. I love it! As a bonus, my pal sent along what looks to be a handmade beaded necklace. I have already worn the necklace out, and it is just fantastic. Here, take a look:

I just love these two FO's. They are just my style. (I signed up for a Funky Swap, but I'm a Preppy gal!). Thank you swap pal!

Finally, onto more hard-core craftiness. The wood shape painting continues, with some new additions. I purchased two beading kits at the Ben Franklin on Tuesday. One kit had a charm bracelet, the other had two pairs of earrings. Look how cute they turned out! Each piece has a space for little stickers, then a piece of plastic sticks on top of it, making the picture pattern "pop" up. There's lots of stickers and patterns to choose from in the kit, making it truly a unique bracelet. There's also eyepins and matching beads included as well. The red beads on the red earrings are mine, everything else is stock. These are for my sister for christmas. I think she'll love them.

The wood shapes are "before and after" shots. I wasn't digging the christmas tree colors I had chosen. I have used the paints in other stuff, but the trees weren't working. So, I painted over the colored stars with a metallic gold color. SO much better! I love it!

Last, there's a new additon. I found the perfect sized unfinished wooden jewelry box for my cousin. (She's 5, keep that in mind). I envisioned a pretty princess box, pink with jewels and girly phrases and words. She's really into the Disney Princesses now. So I paint it up, and I take a good look at it- one coat of peptol-bismol pink, combined with the plastic sequin charms, it was hideous. Even with the silver words. (Trust me, it was much worse in person). Casey couldn't even comment on it when I asked him about it (it was that bad, I couldn't even get a snarky comment!). So, back to Michaels and out with a "champagne gold" paint. The box is now much more like I wanted it to be- a treasure chest waiting to store goodies, baubles and anything else. The holes on the front are actually picture frames, for pics of friends and family- the plastic holder comes out, so you can paint it. I think this will be a hit. I'll touch it up and then give it a good coat of clearcoat spray before gluing on the baubles. I think I'll leave the inside clearcoat only, since the outside is gilded enough.

Sigh. I think that's it, for today, at least. Whew! Now back to sock knitting (I've got two more pairs on the needles to finish before the end of Socktoberfest!)


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