Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's summer!

...which means the impending arrival of Summer of Socks 2007! I've got some great ones lined up:
  • leftovers from my green dye-o-rama pair, my cabled Trek-along-with-me pair, my Austermann step pair, my red Megga Boots stretch leftovers (my 2nd pair!), my recent unblogged about Opal pair. Actually, come to think of it, I have a skein of Kroy left over from my very first pair of socks as well. I've already finished one make-up pair of socks (no photo, unfortunately) that makes me want to complete more, post-haste.
  • Regia self-striping in several shades of blue. It's so pretty!
  • New Colinette Jitterbug, in the brightest, best blue color. I want to make a 2-color sock with plain black, like the mosaic knitting socks in Socks, Socks, Socks!
  • Some Austermann Step in a self-striping (really wide bands!) red and pink colorway. Hello, Project Spectrum!
  • Blue Trekking natura. This is very thin yarn and will likely not make it during the Summer of Socks due to my hatred of Very Thin Yarn. Let's hope not.
  • A diminishing stash of Kroy, Knitpicks and "etc" sock yarn that has a lot of hope and potential. Also, a lot of fugly. KP "dancing" yarn, I'm looking squarely at you!
  • A skein of Socks that Rock that are definitely not rocking currently. The toes are in time-out for failing to capture my fancy whilst knitting the new lace sock pattern in the Summer IK. I know lace looks ugly until blocked, but this was hideous!
  • FINALLY, my WIP- what I hope will be the new Entrelac socks by Eunny Jang in the Spring IK mag. They are in stash Kroy, in the Project Spectrum appropriate red and black. And they are on my less-than-favorite size 1 Susan Bates circs. I do believe I'm purchasing some size 1 lace Addis for this project to continue and for the added benefit of all humanity...namely my own!

Of course, this stash has a lot to compete with- Black Sheep Fiber Fest is this weekend! Spinning goodness awaits. Luckily, I have no patience and will not be coming home with entire fleeces or anything requiring more than a quick pre-draft. But I'm looking for things mentioning the word "silk", "alpaca" and "merino", so it's not going to be cheap. Good thing I already have a wheel! And a paycheck tomorrow! Also competing for the knitting attention is my Sweater That Will Not Finish Already- a cardigan from the Fall 06 Knitscene. It's cute, it's going to fit well (hopefully the arms will work out), but the side pieces are knit with the back together, and the stockinette is killing me. Thank got it's on large needles.

No pictures today, but I've got a big weekend ahead, so there's lots to be done and prepared for. Hooray for a festival based on lovely sheepies, alpacies, goaties and bunnies!


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