Wednesday, August 29, 2007


It's late and I should be asleep! However, there is breaking news on the FO front:

Leftover Austermann Step Socks
Yarn: Austermann Step and Kroy socks (black)
US 2 needle, toe-up, 2 circs, 2 at a time
Fair Isle pattern from a book. Just a simple diamond pattern surrounded by black stitches. Easy-peasy. The stranding on these socks is much better than my last pair; it is looser and more even throughout (shown socks are not blocked). I really like these socks, and because of the Austermann yarn they are a lot softer than I would have thought they'd be.

MS 3

I have knit up to the start of the wing. I haven't decided fully what I'm going to do yet. Part of me wants to knit the wing, but another part of me hates that the shawl is uneven. I think I'll end up knitting the wing since the pattern is already written out and the shawls I've seen look really great on the models. (Not so much the floor). At the bottom of the pic you can see toes for scale- it's about 30 inches long unstretched so far.

Reknit STR socks (colorway Fire on the Mountain)
These socks started out life as jaywalkers. Unfortunately, I knit them so tightly I couldn't wear them! (I actually thought I put a hole in one, but frogging revealed no such broken thread). So, after a year of sitting uselessly in my sock drawer, I frogged them back to the toe and have started over. I didn't bother washing the yarn, and left the toes intact- you can see they are fuzzier and appear to be knit more tightly. That would be because I threw them in the washer and dryer after knitting them. Despite the superwash label, the dryer won and the socks shrunk up quite a bit. Lesson learned- STR and dryers are no match!


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