Tuesday, March 11, 2008

FO at last!

She is done! And is it possible I love her more?

Bottom edge, pinned out and ready for her close up.
Swallowtail Shawl, IK Fall 2006.
Classic Elite Alpaca Sox yarn, one skein
size 6 needle
my ravelry write-up
My favorite part- the beaded edging

I think my favorite skill I learned last year (aside from knitting lace altogether) is how to put beads into your knitting via a crochet hook. It can be really tedious if there are a lot of beads, but it is definitely worth it. I wish I had some flower beads, they would have really added in something special. As it is, I'm happy with the silver lined glass beads. They shine! Little round or flat pearls also would have done well here. However, I have yet to find a pearl that has a hole bigger than laceweight to string through.

Blocking and looking pretty.
I can't wait to make this shawl again! There are so many great things about it. The pattern is really simple; anyone could do it. The knitted on edge. Exchanging beads for nupps. (The nupped versions are equally as nice, too- with a little instruction, a beginner knitter could whip those out quickly.) The yardage required is only about 450 yards, meaning you can exchange a variety of yarns without breaking the bank. Silk, merino, bamboo- something to let those smaller skeins of fancy yarn shine! I think it would be really easy to add in repeats to make it bigger, or maybe use a laceweight yarn and bigger needles for a really open lace effect.
This yarn is a dream to knit with. I loved how it slides nicely along my addi lace needle cord- there are some yarns so sticky, nothing makes them slide nicely. It has two plies, which stay together pretty well. There were a few points that the plies came apart, but that was really more to do with me not picking up both plies when knitting through the back loop. The beads were rather tough on the plies, but that had to do more with the tiny crochet hook than the yarn itself. It behaves like alpaca should- it drapes, it sheds and it is so soft to cuddle up. I am definitely investing more in this sock yarn! As a bonus, I had purchased two skeins to make a different shawl- so I can either knit this one again in the same color, or make a matching pair of socks! (Mmm, alpaca socks!)


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It's beautiful! I love the beading. Well done!

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