Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter redux

Looky here folks! It's an Easter miracle!

It seems for once I have matched the current project du jour to the holiday du month! As you can see, my newly started, toe-up socks (2 at a time!) match my leftover easter candies perfectly. Hmm, maybe it's a sign I should eat more candy while knitting. There's colorways to be had here people! The cast-on I used was from the new issue of knitty and is truely magic. I can see all my socks being done this way from now on. Danger, DANGER Will Robson!! Pattern reworking ahead! We'll see how that goes once I reach the heels. I think I can still use my hourglass heel, but who knows.

The yarn is Knitpicks Parade, Gumballs colorway, a superwash wool on size 3 circulars. (Quick! The yarn is on sale! Go forth, I will wait). I was a bit worried the 3's would be too large, they feel like tree trunks after the size 2's I knit Casey's mom's socks out of, but it feels just right when you look at the fabric and the way the yarn wraps around the needles. Superwash is kind of stiff too, so a denser fabric would be REALLY thick and probably not that fun to wear. I seriously plan on using more of this stuff. I have the daffodil colorway already (bottom right corner on the above link), and I think another order may be in store. It's freaking cheap, so who cares? Socks for all!

Man I like vacation! Just look at the socks flow forth from me! I've got my previously vacation-knitted three pairs washed and blocking in my bathroom right now. THREE! Casey wanted to use my bathroom, but was freaked out when all towels had wet socks on them. I told him the bathroom was currently "sockupied". Giggle. As much as I like vacation, I'll be glad to get back to work and STOP eating candies, lying about the house, and, you know, work for a living. I gained a few pounds, eep! Bad Knitter! But this vacation thing was used for it's intent- avoiding all work, being lazy, knitting, eating and doing whatever I want! So I can't really feel bad for living up to what I told everyone I'd be doing. Mission Accomplished!


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