Wednesday, April 19, 2006

There was an accident

I had a little accident today. It involved a LYS, a debit card and the sale rack, among other things. Ooops. From left you see some Crystal Palace kid merino in color 4687, or butter yellow if you're looking at it. I don't know if I am going to like this, but at $4.49 a ball, I don't really care. The red is Bernat sox! colorway #115659, or fire engine red. On top of the red is a ball of Handpainted Originals by Brown Sheep, colorway "forest floor". That was $5.49 and balled up for me (as was the merino). I have two or three skeins of it already (purchased in March), so this one goes into that back stash. Probably a scarf. The black, grey and green are all Patons Kroy sock yarns, which I love the feel of. Mmm, sock yarn.

Here's a better picture of the laceweight merino mohairy goodness:

That little dish dealie with the silver ring? Here it is close up:

Oh, those are glass beads (on sale by bulk- as much as you can fit in the petri dish!) and then beading wire. I am in need of stitch markers with all this stash enhancement! Mainly because I'm also knitting another clapotis in my Louisa Harding, and my stitch markers are A) all used up and B) kind of scratchy, so they get tangled up in the knitting. Not good! Especially with ribbon yarns and a mohair that's twined in. It makes for some interesting knitting, that's for sure.

I also discovered the most charming thing in the tree beside my deck today:

It's a little bitty birdie nest! (I think). The whole thing isn't much bigger than my fist. I wonder what lives in it? I hope there's little baby birds that will pop up in it. Moreover, I hope it's not just a squirrel nest, an abandoned nest, or something else that has an animal I wouldn't want to be living within five feet of. I'll be keeping an eye on it.


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