Thursday, April 20, 2006

Turning the corner


The Gumball Socks are nearly done! Can you feel the love? Here, have a little on me. Would you just look at those short rows! They are truely impressive (for me). Each sock they're getting better and better! You can hardly see the foot in my twisted decreases now. *beams proudly*

I love, love, love these colors. It defies explaining. I think its a combination of our warm spring weather, candy, and the fact that each one is my favorite shade of that color. I'm even going to save the little leftover balls to note how thick each stripe sequence averages so I can make my own similar dye-your-own colorway. Which reminds me...

starts as of right now! I'm signed up, baby! Oh yeah. Now ya'll realize this is just plain stash and hobby enhancement to the nth degree, right? Sure, I'm doing this to "make friends" (as I tell Casey). Yeah, and it'll really help me learn more about yarn and such. Nope. Just mystery yarn stash enhancement. Oooh, mysterious! I purchased some sugar-free Jello a few days ago to test out the yarn dyeing thing again, on the Knitpicks merino lace. (I wondered if regular Jello contained sugar, and if so, if it should be next to the yarn. I decided sugar-free and chemicals can decide for me). If the Jello goes well (or doesn't), then we'll see where the dye o rama dye comes from next. My dye-o-rama pal might want all natural, you never know. I kind of like having different dyes and trying different kinds to see which is better or easier. Next up are food coloring (maybe Wilton's icing tints) and then the *gasp* Jaquard dyes. Real Chemicals. I want to make the swap socks self-striping, which is kind of an ordeal, but several sites are making it easy for us newb's to dye yarn up

Hmm, that's all I've got. Lil sister comes home tomorrow, picking her up at Bag Claim 1 at the airport. There's only one baggage claim there, why did they feel it needed to be numbered? How would you confuse it with the non-existent Bag Claim 2, 3 or x? Mysteries of the universe indeed.


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