Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A better day

Well, after yesterdays rant, the skies have decided today shall be a better day:

Let the sun shine down on me!

I indulged my senses and went wedding invitation shopping. Yes, I know those two phrases in one sentence are enough to make most people fall down. The world of wedding invites can be summed up in two words: vast and expensive. Anything in the wedding world can be described with these two words, actually. You've always got a choice, and that choice comes with a price and a descriptor of quality. Of nothing else have I found that for so little or so much you pay, the quality is so deeply divided. And the choices are endless. You can pay $25 for the print-your-own invitations at the Michaels, pick one of three designs (that at least one person you know has already used), buys some stickers to class it up and hope they work out in the printer ok. Or, you can pay enough for your wedding dress on the most gorgeous wedding invitations the world has ever seen. Paper that's as good to touch as it is to see. Fancy engraving (or topography- raised letters), colored inks, graphic designs that would make Andy Warhol take note. The stuff Princess Diana, if she were alive today, would probably have her own line of. You probably can guess what my first pick would be.

I'm a libra, through and through. I love beautiful things. So it follows that I want the best of what I can afford in every category. I want that wedding in the wedding design books, with all the little details on the tables. Place cards, candles, flowers, precious little gift keepsakes, flowing ribbon and large balloons. Showy, colorful invitations that make the invitee wonder what else is to come. A flowing ballgown and the best shoes. A gorgeous location and great pictures. The best party.

Now, what all of the above doesn't come with is a price I can afford. The pretty invitations I saw today? $500. (Okay, they were Kate Spade- I was aiming high). The locale I like? $2000 to book the day, then adding food. A flowing ballgown? $1000 or more. Place cards, candles, precious little keepsakes? What's left on the credit card? Clearly the DIY wedding is going to take precedent over the fairytale designer book wedding. Unless I win the powerball lottery. Got any good numbers?

So, I will keep dreaming, keep planning and keep working overtime. I'll make the little sacrifices (candles and flowing ribbons) to keep the important ones (location, dress and food). I'll buy every Martha Stewart Weddings and every Elegant Bride in hopes the two will meet in the middle. And, if I must, I'll print my own invitations. But I'm printing it on the cheapest blank cardstock Kate Spade makes.


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