Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Upping the Ante

Well, it seems that the universe has somehow aligned itself today to cause me problems. Or, in its infinite wisdom, it wanted to see how much it could do in one day to force me to put it On Notice.

The day started out well. I slept in, read the paper, got up and around to run some errands. I went to the mall, and actually found more jeans that fit (shocking!), plus a few other items deemed necessary. It put a hit on my bank account, but hey, good clothes are worth it- plus they were on sale, so it wasn't the full price anyway.

Pants drying and ready to be hemmed

Then I head on over to the GI Joes in town (it's a sporting good store- kind of like a regional Copeland sports, only more outdoors-ey). More clothes! Actually, a nice UO fleece and a few shirts to match (again, on sale!), a cover for our beloved weber-q bbq and more of the special can't-find-it-anywhere-else propane canisters it uses. Score! So far, the day is excellent.

I head on over to the Target to pick up my medications. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. Now, I have one perscription that costs an insane amount of money each month. I have budgeted towards that. It's a needed pill, and there isn't a generic for it yet. You do what you have to. But I get another perscription from my last check-up. It's a cream, it's not a life-or-death thing, but I think it can really help. You know how it is- why live with something if you don't have to, right? So the pharmacist rings it up and I nearly lose it. This special cream, which is just a glorified over-the-counter drug, costs ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS! For a stupid cream. At this point, I'd rather buy a bottle of Jergens and ask if he could just squirt whatever special drug is in the cream into the Jergens instead. Good God. And I've already spent some good money on clothes, which are also needed (seriously- I'm down to one pair of pants- all the others have holes in places you can't hide). The pharmacist, being a good customer service rep, helpfully points out my insurace is covering $20. For the entire cost of this drug, up-front, I could just buy the entire line of over the counter product instead. As it turns out, my insurance company likes to be part of a "network" of other pharmacies, in places I don't want to visit. This wasn't explained in the whole insurance sign-up process. My insurance wants me to buy pills in places that don't carry what I need up front. (I've checked before). The Target pharmacist has gone out of her way to make sure and always carry what I buy, so I can keep going there. Why the Target wouldn't be part of this nice, select directory of pharmacists is beyond me. They are a part of everything else. Now I have to use the crappy, icky pharmacies next time to see if the prices are better. And probably never use my beloved Target again. My doctor warned me about the first perscription being expensive, but now I'm feeling a little put out on how much I'm spending if it turns out I may have not needed to. And if it turns out that it's my crappy perscription coverage that ups the cost instead, my union reps are going to hear it.

It seems the sky has picked up on my foul mood. Taken moments ago from my balcony:

Ominous, indeed

Sigh. So, let's update the big board for who's On Notice:
1. My insurance company
2. Stupid non-generic prescription pill pricing
3. Mall parking lots (every single time I pull out!)
4. Mall Walkers (school starting seems to be making progress on this front)
5. My Knitting (dropping down due to progress made)

Wait, I didn't tell you about the knitting, did I? Well, I finally broke into the STR. And let me tell you, it was well worth the wait. And the large knots I picked out due to my hand-winding the skein. Note to self: save for a ballwinder and skein holder.

"Fire on the Mountain" on US 2's

I love this sock! It's so Eugene with all the colors. I wish I had a tye-dye shirt to wear with it. I may pick one up at the Saturday Market so I can. I'm doing it on US 2's, which is above the suggested US 1's. It's a larger gauge, substantially, on the sock. But I love, love, love it and I don't care if it's more open or hole-y than usual.

I've also started my Funky Scarf for my Funky Scarf Swap partner. Look who broke out the Louisa Harding! And the Louisa is behaving wonderfully. It's a standard drop-stitch scarf, pattern from the Knit Scarves! series. (You know, the ones shaped like the objects they have patterns for). I have three balls of Louisa left, so I may make a scarf or two extra for me and a friend. The yardage on it is amazing (154 yards/ball). And the mohair and nylon make it against-the-skin soft.

Louisa wants to be your friend


Blogger Martha said...

Just in case BiMart is on your list of icky crappy covered pharmacies, I'm a knit blogger who happens to be a pharmacist. I'm at the 18th and Chambers store. Come visit sometime!

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