Friday, August 25, 2006

Crazy swapping fool

Yeah, that's me, all right. I've gotten myself into two more swaps! I can't help it, I'm addicted to the goods that mysteriously pop up in the mail! Plus, I've had two stellar swap pals, so I'm sure there's more to be had. You should go sign up! You've got until the 31st, and they are in desperate need of newbie spinners. Can you believe it? Seriously! With all these awesome new spinners coming out and blogging these kick-ass yarns every day, they are still short of newbie spinners! As required by all swaps, here be the button:

I'm not sure how well it will post. I had to resize it quite a bit. There's a contest for new ones, so maybe I'll post one of those on the sidebar. (Note to any button makers reading this: I like the button plenty, but I don't know how to resize it in html).

Hmm, what else. I started new socks! I finally started digging into the Socks that Rock. I'm starting a Jaywalker with the most colorful one first. I'm hoping it will be done by the time the Yarn Harlot comes to town. I almost wish I had a tye-dye shirt to go with it. Almost.

I never ripped Cozy, but I haven't knitted on it either. I guess I'm hoping another pattern will pop out at me. That, or it will knit itself. Neither one seems to have the upper hand, so far!

My plan is still forming for my Funky Scarf partner (see sidebar for button). She likes lots of the same colors I do, but is a good deal funkier than myself. The whole "funky pattern" is throwing me- where are funky scarf patterns? What is funky? I don't think I'm funky, so it makes it somewhat harder. I'm sure she'll love what I send, but I want to send something awesome, you know? Link me something good!

That's about it, I think. Apparently, putting clothing manufacturers on notice worked! I scored a pair of jeans last weekend that didn't suck. All hail DKNY Soho jeans! And all hail sales ladies that are 5'1!


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