Saturday, April 29, 2006


I forgot to add...there's been spontaneous knitting action. I swear, this scarf needs to just KNIT ITSELF, and I think it somehow did this week:

clapotisey goodness on the coffee table

Here it is after the ninth repeat for the straight section. It just is working out lovely. I'm not even hating the mohair after our little tying-up-the-end-of-the-ball incident tonight. That's how much I love this yarn. I forgave the mohair in it. However, I won't forgive:

oooh, shiny!

..that black dot in the corner. It's the black thread that keeps everything plied together nicely. It gets into my stich markers like nobody's business. See, mohair will just rip away, no harm no foul. But this is like super-strong nylon thread. That acts very different than fluffy wool. The black mark is where it got caught somehow and then would not let my stitches drop down. And then I tried to break it. With fingers. For like two minutes, making it substantially worse than when it started. Oy!


Blogger Crazy About Sox said...

Thanx for the "dye" help. Can u really dye yarn from jello? That's kewl, and yes i do have little ones here so i am sticking to the (ok to swallow mehhods) for now... One day i'll work with the good stuff... ;)

7:59 PM  

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