Saturday, April 22, 2006

A is for..

A is for...arrival!

My darling little sis arrived happy and healthy at the airport yesterday, in town for a friend's wedding. Yay! I saw her earlier last month, but since I won't see her again for ages, it was great seeing her again. We had a lovely dinner at the 'rents (steak, fries, salad and pound cake w/strawberries and ice cream for dessert), and giggled all night. I came home super late! Oh well, it was worth it.

Also up are the completed gumball socks! Fresh off the needles, in all their unblocked glory. Casey felt up the sock and proclaimed it "gruffy". He's never felt superwash wool before, and everything I have him feel is pretty much soft as a cloud in comparison, so you can't blame him. Here's the goodness:

Yarn: Knitpicks parade, "Gumball", 2 balls

Needles: Clover bamboo circs, siz 3

Pattern: my own, toe-up with the hourglass heel from the Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook

Also fresh on the needles is the Opal Handpainted I purchased a while ago. This was supposed to be for Project Spectrum's black/white/neutral month, but instead it's for now. The socks are the same as before, toe-up, 2 at a time. They're on 2's so they will take a good while to complete. And since I'm back at work tomorrow, they'll be a weekend/break project. Hopefully by the end of the month they'll be done.

Toe up indeed!
I can't decide whether I want to have them be in some sort of pattern after I finish the toe increases. It may make a lovely jaywalker pattern, or one of the sockbug patterns I downloaded. I've got the Socks! book too, and this yarn would probably make a lovely cable. Too many decisions!
My sign up is complete for the dye-o-rama, and I purchased some more dyeing supplies: Kool aid? Check. Vinegar? Check. 6 skeins of dye-your-own yarns, plus MORE Parade sock yarn and patterns? Double Check! Want to see where all the dye-o-ramer's are? You can view the frappr page of us here. According to Scout's blog there are 274 participants. WOW! I can't wait to see what people post when they start dyeing. And I am so excited to get my pal! Hello pal, whomever you are! Can't wait to start dyeing for you!


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