Saturday, April 29, 2006

What did you do today?

I made myself up some PS April yarn! I needed something thicker to use with the mohair yarn I purchased a couple of weeks ago. Enter my KP laceweight. I needed to practice with another dye method (hot pour) and another dye type (Jello).

Yarn and storyline here.

I really like it! It turned out just how I wanted- a pale yellow, but stronger in some places than others. I think I would have been disappointed if I wanted a stronger yellow (or a more true color throughout), but then I would have probably increased the time cooking and the amount of dye used as well. These were the smallest boxes of Jello that you can buy, so there isn't a lot to work with in it. A couple of giant-sized boxes ought to make a good solution. I didn't realize just how much there is of the KP laceweight- 880 yards! It was a LOT in one pot. But, it worked out well in the end, so hooray! Now if I can just get it dried and balled...


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