Monday, July 03, 2006

J is for jonesing...

Well, what a day I had! We went and saw the new Superman movie. It was good. I like my superheroes clean cut, polite and a little hunky, so it was definitely my kind of movie. What wasn't my kind of movie was the ten thousand children who saw it with us. Now, Superman does appeal to all children, I must admit. However, your average four year old isn't going to enjoy all the talking and the "grown up" things that go on. Superman doesn't have any explosions, cartoon characters or hilarious bodily noises- all things kids go to movies for. Instead, there's talking, prolonged silences and long, overly sequenced CG animation of him in space- things adults want to see in a movie. Therefore, every child has to squeal, yell loudly at their parent "what's that?" "who's he?" "why is he doing that" every ten minutes. A couple behind us had two chairs between them with two infant carriers. Tell me, why do people take less-than-one -year-olds to movies? Babies don't care. And it's way too loud for them in there, anyway. Arr.

I needed something to take the edge off of my anger. As it happened, Casey was looking for a new book, so I went and spent a little money at the bookstore. The new Simply Knitting! was out, and I got a new stitchionary. I almost splurged on the Mason Dixon book, but all I really want is the log cabin pattern and I found that online.

However, when I got home, there was an unexpected surprise in the mailbox for me:

What's this? It looks suspiciously secret-pal-ey. Let's take a closer look.

What a cute sticker! I love the Uncle Sam!

oOOH! Prizes! It appears to be...a dishcloth pattern, yarn and something that smells fruity and tasty...

Hooray! Haribo Bears! The smell has seeped into the Peaches and Cream yarn and made it smell just delightful! I can't wait to try the pattern out. Thanks Knit Sock Kit Swap pal!


Blogger Beth said...

Oh, I'm so with you on the "little kids at a movie they probably shouldn't be watching" thing! That's a pet peeve that'll almost make me lose sight in one eye! You captured it well in your post! *L*

3:45 PM  

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