Thursday, June 01, 2006

H is for Hellbound

...which is where these #$@%! socks are going if they don't shape up. Sinners! Why do I hate the sock so much?

There's your problem

I have yet to discover what causes this problem in this yarn. It mystifies me. The yarn is Trekking XXL. I'm on size 1 circs (toe up, 2 at a time). I measure the wee sock my on my toes for fit regularly, count my stitches, obey guidelines of pattern and such, and... THEY ARE STILL TOO FRIGGIN BIG!

The fabric created from the yarn just grows exponentially. I was doing the jaywalker pattern- known for it's tight, stiff sock fabric. Nope, not here. Here, the pattern refuses to work and THEN has the audacity to laugh when I rip back, and try again with simple stockinette. I don't understand. There's paired increases and decreases. I'm not creating stitches. Yet, the yarn, she grows.

Add to that everyone's "ooh, I'm special with my prettily dyed yarn and jaywalker that works" photos as of late. You know who you are! For shame!

I tried the sock on 2's for a while, with the toe on 1's. Oh no, that was a poor decision. This yarn was meant for 1's. This is my third try making ANY type of socks with this yarn. Now that is just stubborn. Finally, I give up. There's nothing left to do, but this:

Acupuncture for very bad yarn karma

So, the yarn will choke on its fabric-increasing candor. I didn't want it to come to this. I love my circs, I do. But this yarn has been very, very bad and must be punished accordingly. There may be cables involved before this is through, just to add another needle in there. And then a blessing by a priest of some sort. Maybe I'll pay a creepy old lady to wander in, mumbling "This house is clean" for added effect.

Progress continues on the cozy wrap. I'd show you, but it just is a few more rows past last time. And that's not interesting. Really, I tried to make it so, but it isn't. Of course, if I could go a pattern repeat or two without fubar-ing the whole thing up, then I'd probably be somewhere close to done by now. Or at least like, four more rows ahead.


Blogger Crazy About Sox said...

I'm sorry that your having trouble with that yarn, I keep seeing good things about it. Have you used it before? Or is it a toe up thing? I am hoping to try that method soon.

1:06 PM  

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