Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sunny Days

So, what did I do on the last day of my weekend? Here's a hint:

That's the view from my back porch. Isn't it wonderful? So very project spectrum. Summer is finally here in Eugene, hooray! It was actually bordering on HOT, with a cool breeze in between. So, I gathered up my supplies and headed outside:

Note the Birkenstock. They are required footwear here in town. The big tangled mess of yarn is my ball of Trekking XXL. Yeah, that's right, I actually worked on the Trekking socks! I'm using the cable pattern from the Interweave Knits fall issue, and it's kind of tedious. I'm not a cable-ey person, I have to be in the right mood. However, Miles and miles of lace on cozy and some substantial progress on some backup stockinette socks have left me rather scattered and looking for a pattern. I knit a couple cables before I read in my book and finally gave up, sleeping on a blanket in the sun. YAY SUMMER!

Here's a progress shot. It sucks, I know. But it was just too darn bright out to get a better one. Next time I will, I promise.


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