Friday, May 19, 2006

Lace, Lies and KALs

Well, its been an interesting few days. I was all excited to wake up and start photographing my new Amazing Lace partner today. And this is the first thing I saw out my window:

Rain, Rain go away

Well, shoot. My pretty lace-in-progress photoshoot plans have gone awry. Luckily, the Trekking XXL is happy to be in what it determines as "nature's shower" and is just too excited to play:

One can almost call this progress

Since the first challenge is up for the Amazing Lace, I'll put pictures in a separate post. I'll leave you with some pictures I took last week before work. I was trying to capture this little ladybug on my lavender. She had NO spots! At all. Like a dalmatian puppy when it's first born- just one color! However, she turned out to be The Hardest Ladybug To Capture On Film. Observe:

I don't know what it was about that special lady, but she was admant that no clear picture would be taken of her. She must be some sort of celebrity in her little bug world. There was even a big honeybee bodyguard that kept flying into the pictures, keeping me from really getting close in. Casey thought the whole thing was odd and gave up asking why I kept running in and out of the house with the camera. Better not to ask at that point.


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