Wednesday, May 03, 2006

C is for cattle

Cattle referring to how I'm being herded into KAL after KAL after KAL here. Somebody stop the madness!

Hey! Wait a minute. I enjoy knitting, so what's the problem? So, I scrounged up another blog with another button and another theme. Don't believe me? Want to join? Think I'm crazy?

My new laceweight even matches the little button! How fun is that?

Also found last night web-blog-hopping (and sadly, I've forgotten which one already) was the perfect candidate for the next election cycle:

Those Bears better watch out! I wonder if it's a bi-partisan effort? I think it would be the funniest thing ever if the president still put out the Daily Show, making fun of his own government. A girl can dream.

Finally, it's a fund-a-long! Claudia is doing a MS bike ride and taking names for it. She's got an Alice Starmore book as funding fodder. Support a cure for a disease robbing knitters of their passion! Donate today!

There's so much green outside this month, it's going to be a great PS picture time, I can tell. However, I've got to shower for work, so I can't take pictures of any of it! But, it's my Friday, so, pictures this weekend. Yay for May!


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