Friday, May 05, 2006

D is for distraction

It's my weekend! Hooray! However, with it being a weekend, that means that everyone but me should be enjoying their time off. Isn't it funny how work creeps into your life at every waking moment. Maybe it's just me.

I had not one, but TWO days with hiring committee things to do! Day 1 was a meeting which led to the picture taking for Day 2. D'oh! And it can't be simple take pics, upload and print out. That would require 1) the camera cord to be with the camera 2) a computer to run the program 3) a printer to recognize the computer program after I give up and use the SD card in the printer port and 4) for the computer and printer that don't work to be in the comm center and not in someone's office (who needs to use their office today). I am just using my camera from now on. It doesn't require any CD set-up (I can't remember if it came with one!), it always works and I actually understand the bajillion modes (okay, so I just discovered there are different flash least the F-Stop/light-type type menu makes sense). Stupid Windows XP not working when I know it should work! It's probably the fact that the computers are city ones and therefore have everything stripped down. But my janky-ass home XP edition with my non-working laptop shouldn't have an edge over an actual PC tower (that works).

As promised, here are some greeny pictures of the landscape outside. It's so pretty right now! Clear blue sky, warm but not hot temperatures, a light breeze that doesn't chill you to the bone. I think all of Oregon should be nominated for PS May, as it's green all over!

Perhaps I will dye some tonight. I've got one more day by myself before scary dispatch academy, and I could use the extra head start. I wish my dye o rama pal would contact me! I don't want my first secret pal deal to turn out to be a bust :( My personal dyeing secret pal hasn't contacted me either, so I'm 2 for 2. Well, if no one's gonna answer, then I guess all that yarn's for me then!


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