Thursday, May 11, 2006

E is for excitement

It's the weekend! Hooray!

This weekend holds a lot of potential in it. Why? Well, let me tell you. First, it means next week I'm back to regular hours! Hooray! No going into work until 5 pm means regular sleep (for me!) and I can get dinner anywhere I want before work. It's suprising, but a lot of restaurants aren't open before 11 am. That means I either have to finnagle dinner in 40 minutes or less (at 5 pm rush hour on weekdays), or just deal with whatever I managed to bring in that day. Worst case scenario dig up change for the vending machine or hit the Jack In The Box. Yeah, not so good. Also on the work front, I get to aactually start to dispatch next week! My fellow coworker and I will take turns on the radio, and be pretty much told what to do and say each time by our academy teacher. We will also probably be a pain to deal with for our "real" dispatch partner :) At our center, fire dispatch is a two-person deal (since we have so many agencies we dispatch for- nearly the entire county's rural fire departments! That's a HUGE number to work with). Each partner takes a turn as calls come in. When big calls like house fires hit, then one person mans the fire (lots and lots of firefighters talking) and the other takes the other traffic (and also makes calls to places like the red cross, district chiefs, utilites, etc for the person working radio on the fire). So, I'm looking forward to getting out of the classroom and into the fire, as it were. Hopefully it won't be all non-emergent transports and patient evaluations. Something besides barkdust fires- at least take a patient in code-3!

Good thing number two: home-made dinner! I'm getting free dinner out of my grandma tomorrow. My aunt and my 'rents are popping in too. I can't wait to see everyone and have a good time. Yay dinner! Mmmm! I don't know what's for dinner, but I really don't care- anything is good coming from grandma's house! I'm guessing since there will be a few of us, fried chicken, or maybe shrimp. (ohh, I hope it's shrimp again! With onion rings!) My grandma always makes something special that she knows I like aside every time we have a big family dinner (I was a very picky eater as a chid, but now I just graze on what I like and ignore the rest). Thus, refrigerated, peeled, (real, not baby) carrot sticks will most likely be placed in a special little bowl by my plate when we sit down. The same for her dinner rolls. I always get the plate twice, no matter what. However, my grandma's dinner rolls are legendary, so asking for the plate twice isn't exactly an out-of-the-blue thing. Mmmm. Now, I never ask for any of this treatment, my grandma just is the type that goes that extra mile no matter what. So, I expect it now, out of habit. Grandma's are the best. My grandma is the best of the best.

What else is good this weekend? I got a new knitting book, one of the mini Vogue series. It's on shawls. Some of the patterns are hideous (as are the yarns!), but the patterns are kind of cool. There's a great shawl that's essentially a cabled clapotis- a cable, surrounded by drop stitches. I think it's even knit on a diagonal. What is it with that pattern? It's mesmerizing. I think it's the dropped stitches. There's a kind of zen in intentional dropped stitches. Another pattern is a leafy kind of lace design, and another simple stockinette triangle. I think one of these will work out well for my lemon yellow laceweight. I need to get the pattern picked soon; The Amazing Lace is gearing up for the first challenge next week. *so excited*

Oh, speaking of clapoti, I finished mine! Pictures tomorrow, maybe. I want to get it in the sunlight, to show how sparkly the yarn is. And on my porch railings, so it can spread out fully. It turned out a lot narrower than I expected it to, but I think it still works well. It's more scarfy than wrappy and that's ok! My other clapotis can be enough wrap for us all.

I think that's all for now. Time to swatch for the laceweight!

PS: And of course, the final clapotis knitting is dedicated to the "Knit Some Bone!" cause on the sidebar, to the left. Jump on the bandwagon!


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